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Creative Lab

Credits: Invisible Flock, Remote Contact. Image: Ed Waring.

We are delighted to be working with Invisible Flock, an award winning interactive arts studio based at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Our collaboration with Invisible Flock, launched in September 2020, is part of the Leeds Creative Labs programme, run by the Cultural Institute at the University of Leeds.

Through our collaboration, we have explored a number of questions. How can artistic expression help reveal relationships which money and finance sometimes obscure?  What can interactive artistic practice, such as that developed by Invisible Flock, tell us about the ways in which finance helps shape our experience of time, place and society? In what ways might creative uses of digital technologies help open up alternative ways of engaging with money?

As part of our collaboration, we have recorded a podcast which presents a conversation between Rachel, Mark and Matthew, and Catherine Baxendale, Executive Producer of Invisible Flock. We discuss some of the themes that have emerged in our collaboration - how money and finance shape relationships between humans, and between humans and the natural world; how finance helps shape our experience of time; the role of the digital in shaping financial experience; and how artistic activity and innovation can help reimagine the place of money and finance in our lives and societies. The podcast is available here.