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Money keywords

Wordcloud based on press releases from the Banque de France, October 2020

As part of the Cultural Life of Money and Finance project, we wish to develop a set of keywords which we feel can support the engagement of the arts and humanities with finance. In some cases, these keywords are borrowed from finance and accounting, but carry particular cultural or ethical weight; in other cases, the keywords straddle multiple discourses.

The keywords do not represent settled meanings or agreed concepts; nor are they intended to lay out a dominant methodology. But in each case, we want them to reveal - in ways which can provoke reflection and new research - affinities, frictions or tensions in the relationship between finance and culture.

The list of keywords will be developed in a collaborative way as the project progresses. Examples of terms we are considering include:

  • Cash
  • Shadow
  • Discounting
  • Trust
  • Credit
  • Debt
  • Growth
  • Currency
  • Liquidity
  • Flow
  • Promise
  • Bank
  • Green
  • Investment
  • Cost
  • Capital
  • Imagination
  • Future/futures
  • Guilt/shame
  • Dark
  • Laundering
  • Purity
  • Value